You are reading The Wallfish Journal, a newsletter about food in Frome and the people who grow, cook, make, sell, and serve it.

The What-fish Journal?

Wallfish. It’s an old Mendip dish of snails cooked in cider. It’s also a few words that relate to the locality of Frome, its food, and its qwerks. Kind of sums it up really.

And well done to those who noticed the play on words (think of a certain American daily newspaper).

Who’re you?

A food journalist and Frome dweller.

What on Earth makes you think this is a good idea?

While I was carrying out a food research project for the town council in 2021, it quickly became clear if locals wanted to know more about the food produced around them, there wasn’t a go-to resource for it.

We have some of the best producers in the country within 10, 20 miles of Frome. A lot of its residents seem to not know that, even though they apprecate the benefits of things like local, organic food.

Time, I think, to show people what they might be missing.

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Hugh Thomas
Food and beer writer.